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The media information

I am published in "rurubu Kobe' 2020".

* Our store is introduced by 0 TV!
Sale date around 2019.10
Publishing company JTB publishing
The release area whole country

Past living-room gig information

Program name kansai information net ten! 
Airdate broadcast time 2019.2.21 Thursday
TV station (broadcast area Yomiuri TV (Kansai) 
So that program name YOU does what; to Japan? 
Airdate broadcast time 2018.8.13 Monday
TV station (broadcast area TV Tokyo (whole country) 
A program name interrupts; Monday 
Airdate broadcast time 2018.2.20 Tuesday
TV station (broadcast area Kansai TV (Kansai) 
bankumimeikaesa rema Sunday 
Airdate broadcast time 2017.2.26 Sunday
TV station (broadcast area TV Asahi (whole country) 
A program name leech naan death! 
Airdate broadcast time 2017.3.21 Tuesday
TV station (broadcast area Nippon Television (whole country) 
Program name SmaSTATION!! 
Airdate broadcast time 2016.7.9 Saturday
TV station (broadcast area TV Asahi (whole country) 

Past magazine publication information

Name of magazine (publishing company) Kansai Walker (KADOKAWA) 
Sale date 2018.12.14 
Release area Kansai 
Name of magazine (publishing company) rurubu Kobe '19 (JTB publishing) 
Sale date 2018.10.15 
The release area whole country 
Name of magazine (publishing company) Wanda full Kobe 2018 (Kobe Shimbun-sha synthesis publication center) 
Sale date 2018.2.28 
The release area whole country 
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