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The Teppanyaki Chef is cooking just in front of the Guest. 
Listen to comfortable sound of roasting meat with enrich garlic smell .
Our chef shows you  skilled knife performance 
of cutting Meat and Vege you must admire.
       Please enjoy our supreme beef steak
together with your family and/or friends over The 
       Kitchen counter and Box seat.
Steak land Yamazaki
The Teppanyaki Chef is cooking just in front of the Guest.
       Listen to comfortable sound of grilling meat
                                                      with enrich garlic smell.

News of business hours

Than 2021/8/2 business hours
I change it by 20:00 (L.O.19: 00).

In addition, as I cannot offer the alcohol daylong
I would appreciate your understanding.

Let's support the shop of the town in PayPay and is an object store.

When you use PayPay in steak land [Kobe-ten] [Kobe-kan]
I am given up to 20% (upper limit 1,000 yen) of PayPay bonus of the settlement amount of money.
But as I may not become a target by a payment method of PayPay,
For more details, please confirm it by PayPay application.

A target period: 2021/9/13-2021/11/28

Please use a steak land at this opportunity.

Announcement of campaign

MORE ★MORE Hyogo brand beef campaign

I am distributing the lottery ticket which a beef ticket of 5,000 yen hits!
Every use amount of money 10,000 yen during a period in each steak land shop
I hand one piece of lottery ticket.
As a number includes a limit, please use it early.

News [Kobe-kan] of business hours


*[Kobe-ten] As this is open, please use it.

The GoTo campaign handling situation

Go To travelGo To Eat
Paper coupon
(coupon common throughout an area)
I handle it and cannot do it now
(Go To Eat Hyogo)
Under period of use extension
Electronic coupon
Under period of use extension
The electronic coupon of Go To Eat is for a designated reservation on the date and time of EPARK.

※The coupon which is available in 1 cashier becomes only one kind among the above in our store.
[YAMASAKI] Then please note that there is not the handling of the coupon.


As the coupon of the koubedekoute second is not available in our store, please be careful.


I prepare ventilation equipment for each table in our store and install a panel in the long counter seat.
As I push forward the use in four or less in response to administrative notification, the cooperation, please.
I look forward to your visit.

Please be careful about the resemblance sites of our store

It became clear that there was a false site of the steak land Kobe-kan. As the prices are different, without permission of our store, I would appreciate your being careful using an image and an explanation enough.
 Let's enjoy superb taste of our selected best KOBE BEEF here and have its your day. 
        Here in Steakland , you will taste the best Kobe beef grilled by our skilled chef with both 
        your eyes and tongue just in front of you.
        We hope you will use our restaurant in case of entertainment ,festivity  and after sightseeing.
        So that your precious day must become the best one in your life on our heatful 'OMOTENASHI'
        done by our all staff here in STEAKLAND.
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